Budapest is well known as the capital of natural thermal baths. Budapest Thermal Baths are located in majestic historical buildings. You will relax during contemplating the beauty of the past. If you want to enjoy a great experience for your body and soul, Budapest is the perfect place!

The Best thermal baths in Budapest are:

  • Szecheny – the largest medicinal bath in Europe!
  • Gellert – the fanciest thermal bath with an elegant Art Nouveau architecture
  • Kiraly – was built during the Ottoman Empire, more than 500 years old
  • Rudas – A Turkish bath where you can enjoy weekend night shifts as well!
  • Lukacs – where poets and philosophers got inspired

Here you will find all the information you need before to go to your favourite bath. We can guarantee that your experience will definitely worth it!

Which are the best Thermal Baths in Budapest? 

Gellért bath with view on the outside pool in Budapest
Gellért Bath

The bests thermal bath in Budapest are all of them! We recommend you to take your time and visit more than one bath to enjoy all they can offer. Either for pleasure, relaxing and recovering from an intense night of partying! You will be like new and fresh to continue discovering Budapest!

Bath tradition in Budapest is millenary and it comes from the first Roman settlements. The water is supplied from more than 123 natural hot springs and they arrive at their destinations without being filtered. As a result, the water is natural and NOT chlorinated. It guarantees that we can enjoy the natural minerals and all its healthy components in their totality, just as it springs up in its deposits. Budapest Thermal Baths are open all year and especially in winter. The steamy water and very low temperatures outside coexist in a great scenario, you will love it! 

Things you should know before you go to a thermal bath in Budapest:

Some baths keep days reserved exclusively for men and for women, (for example in Rudas – see below). It is highly recommended to take your flip flops to avoid any accident, in general, spas are very clean. You will find hairdryers and soap in most of the baths. You can opt to buy a ticket with a cabin or locker. The price difference is minimal, approximately 500 HUF and it worth it if you prefer to change your clothes privately or in a common area. 

Baths are usually safe, you will receive an electronic bracelet to open your locker or cabin and all your belongings will be safe inside. If you would like to use the swimming pool it is mandatory to wear a plastic cap that you can buy also at the reception. So in case you need it, you can also rent towels, flip flops for instance. 

The Spas offer a different kind of massages for affordable prices. Make sure you make your appointment in advance! Most of the baths have a long full schedule (mostly on high season). Ask at your hotel reception to make the appointment for you before or give them a call.

Some of the baths have a student tickets discount! Just show your official student card, it’s definitely worth it!

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

SZÉCHENYI THERMAL BATH outside pool in Budapest
Szechenyi Thermal Bath

Entrance price from 5500 Forint. Weekend and holiday prices increase Opening hours: Every day from 6:00 to 22:00

Szechényi Bath is undoubtedly this is the most popular of the thermal baths, definitely, it is a must! All the scenario is like a postcard! Even with the nice old man playing chess in the outdoor pool! 
This is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Located in a majestic neo-baroque building inside the city park, this was the first thermal bath in Pest opened its doors on June 1913. 

In  1927 the bath was expanded including a public bathing department for gentlemen and another for ladies and an outside part. In the middle of the 1960s, a new expansion took place creating a new section of thermal pools where it was possible to wear a bathing suit, nowadays, a swimsuit is mandatory! 

The thermal section includes: 

  • 11 thermal water pools (indoors) with temperatures from 28 °C – 40 °C, 
  • 1 cooling pool (indoors) 20 °C, 
  • 1 immersion pools(indoors) 18 °C 

Swimming pool section

  • 1 swimming pool, 50 meters long (outdoors)  26 °C – 28 °C,
  • 1 activity pool (outdoors) 30 °C – 34 °C, 
  • 1 thermal water pool (outdoors) 38 °C,
  • 2 immersion pools (indoors) 18 °C.

Gellért Bath

GELLÉRT BATH inside thermal pool in Budapest
Gellért Thermal Bath

Entrance price from 5900 Forint. Prices on weekends and holidays increasing  Opening Hours: Every day from 6:00 to 20:00

Gellért Bath could be described as the most beautiful in architectonic words, is a true gem, we just love it! The bath is located on the Buda side of the city, in front of the Gellert Hill settled in a gorgeous Art Nouveau building that belongs to the Gellert complex which includes the Gellert Hotel Danubius. 

The Spa and Hotel opened its doors in 1918. During world war II, it stayed open until it was bombed, destroying the Zsolnay pyro granite facade and the wooden interior of the dressing rooms. Fortunately, in 2008 it was rebuilt and kept its original splendour. Back in the days the female and male sections were separated, nowadays all sections are mixed even though, there are still private gender sections. 

There are in total 11 pools

  • Thermal section: 8 pools with temperatures from 35 – 40 °C
  • Swimming pool section  (2) Swimming pool, Thermal pool 36 °C
  • Outdoor pools (2) Wave pool (in summer season) 26 °C
  • Thermal pool (outdoor) 36 °C
  • Thermal bath department (8) Thermal baths 35 – 40 °C

Kiraly Bath

Kiraly Bath inside thermal pool
Kiraly Thermal Bath

Entrance price: from 2600 Forint (Possible student discount. Show your valid student card) Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 to 21:00 

Kiraly Bath is The King of the baths takes its name from the Hungarian word, Király which means King. Its construction started in 1565 under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The Turks built the bath far from its natural spring, so they were sure to be able to use the baths in case of an eventual siege when they were surrounded by the walls of the castle. 

The water that feeds the pools in Kiraly has been supplied since its construction from the current of Lukacs bath. A visit to Kiraly is a journey in time to the past. Its main pool preserves the original architectural cupola in an octagonal style. It is really full of mysticism, that could be possible to forget in which year you are. 

This is a small bath with the great advantage of not being so crowded. Most of the visitors are locals however, you may find some tourists. The staff takes care that the bath is not going to be overcrowded and you can enjoy your experience. Definitely, we love this bath because you can really enjoy times of peace on its steamy middle age shades. Another hidden gem to discover, this bath is for you!! 

Pools section

  • Thermal pool 1 36 °C
  • Thermal pool 2 32 °C
  • Thermal pool 3 40 °C
  • Immersion pool 26 °C
  • Jacuzzi             32-36 °C  
  • Wooden hot tub 30-40 °C

Rudas Bath

Rudas Bath Outside Rooftop Pool
Rudas Bath

Entrance prices from 3700 Forint. On weekends and on night shifts the price increases Opening hours: Swimming pool: 06:00 – 22:00, Wellness – sauna world: 08:00 – 22:00. Night bathing: Friday, Saturday: 22:00 – 04:00

Rudas is located in the Buda side, close to the Gellert-Hill. Built during the 16th century is another sample of Turkish bath architectonic style in which the main thermal pool supports a majestic octagonal dome. Rudas is another pearl in the thermal baths in Budapest, it’s a must-see! 

Rudas is one of the baths which keeps days separated for man and for women. Tuesday is open for females and the rest of the weekdays only man are admitted. On weekends the access is mixed

One of the great things is that you can take a bath during the night and they offer a night bath service from 22:00 pm to 4:00 am. The amazing roof jacuzzi gives you one of the most amazing views in all Budapest, you can contemplate with a view on the Danube River, Gellért Hill, and the Parliament.

  • Thermal pool 1. 16°C 4,5 sqm
  • Thermal pool 2. 28 °C 9 sqm
  • Thermal pool 3. 30 °C 9 sqm
  • Thermal pool 4. 33 °C 9 sqm
  • Thermal pool 5. 36 °C 96,5 sqm
  • Thermal pool 6. 42 °C 9 sqm

Lukács Bath

 LUKÁCS BATH outside thermal pool
Lukács Thermal Bath

Entrance prices from 3900 Forint (Student discount possible. Show your valid student card) Opening hours From Every day  6:00 to 22:00, Sauna world opens at 14:00 on Mondays

This bath is one of our favourites! Its waters were well known all around the world. Lots of people from other countries came to visit the bath to fix their health problems. Proof to this is the marble plate of all these grateful people who proved the healing powers of the water of Lukacs. Writers, philosopher, intellectuals found in this water their inspiration as well. Lukacs is located where it used to be settled a monastery of orders of Rhodos and Malta, Turkish used the baths with the purpose of produce gunpowder and grinding wheat when Buda was re-occupied and the bath was part of the kingdom until 1884. Fülöp Palotay purchased the bath and from then on it has undergone various modifications up to what we know today.

  • Swimming pool 1                   26 °C
  • Swimming pool 2                   22 °C
  • Leisure pool                             33-35 °C
  • Thermal pools                           32-40 °C  
  • Underwater traction pool     33-35 °C  
  • Kneipp pool                             22 °C 
  • Plunge pools                             19-25 °C


All of the Budapest thermal baths are really worth it. Your body, mind, and soul will be grateful. Definitely, this is a must on your next visit to the steamy, warm, and amazing Budapest!