Budapest in Two Days

In case you don’t have enough time to visit all the city these are the most important places for sightseeing.

1896 was a very important year for Hungary, it was the commemoration of the thousand years of Hungary’s foundation! This year is called the year of the Millenium, And of course, they had a huge party to celebrate this important day! All the most amazing buildings and attractions that make this city one of the most beautiful cities in the world were built for this special year. Among these attractions, we find the city park, the heroes square, the Museum of Fine Arts Andrassy Avenue, the metro line 1 and so many others! Make sure you visit them in these two days so you will enjoy the city to the maximum!

Heroes Square.

Heroes Square, Budapest.

One of the most important squares of Budapest is the memorial to the one thousand years of foundation of Hungary. In it, we can see important figures in Hungarian history such as Árpád in front and the leaders of the seven Magyar tribes who founded Hungary. We find as well magnificent statues of the first to the last kings of Hungary. In the center, we can admire in the highest point a figure of Archangel Gabriel holding the crown, symbol of Christianization giving it to its first king St. Stephen.

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

This Neoclassical building is located next to the heroes square. The museum houses its more than a thousand pieces permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibitions. The building inside is incredibly beautiful and combines the past with modernity making your visit very interactive. If you want to know more about this amazing museum go to our extended post here!

Városliget “City Park”

Vajdahunyad Castle, city park, Budapest

The city park is located behind Heroes Square. In it, we can admire the gorgeous Vajdahunyad Castle which is a replica of one of the most important castles in Transylvania. Around this castle, there is a complex of buildings that represents the different architectural styles in Hungary’s history. From the Middle Ages to the classical baroque that mark the evolution of the Hungarian architecture.

Andrassy Avenue

This Avenue is considered a cultural heritage of humanity along with the Heroes Square. If Budapest is the Paris of East Europe, Andrassy Avenue is the Champs Elysees of Budapest. We continue our tour of this spectacular avenue, the main avenue of the city. It was built-in 1870 and connects the two ends of the city, from the Heroes Square to Elizabeth square. In this avenue are located museums like terror house, exclusive shops, some of the embassies of different countries, and the State Opera of Hungary. 

The central market of Budapest (Nagyvásárcsarnok)

Grand Central Market, Budapest.

In front of Fovam Square, stands majestically the Grand Central Market. This is a Neo-Gothic building and it was inaugurated in 1897. Inside, we can make our daily shopping in its fruit shops, vegetables, meat, and a supermarket at its underground level. On the top floor, we can find souvenir shops and traditional food stalls. It is good to say that the prices of the fast-food restaurants inside the market are prices a bit high since tourist likes to eat there. You may find higher prices than in other street food stalls out of the market. The taste is still good!

Szabadság Híd

Liberty Bridge, Budapest.

If we continue our journey towards the Buda side, we will find the Liberty bridge . This bridge connects the side of Pest with Gellért Hill just where the citadel is located. On summer days, the bridge closes to the motorists transit and gives its space to anyone who wants to relax. You can get your drinks or food and even make a “pique-nique” while you watch the sunset listening to music and having a great time!


Citadella, Budapest.

Having crossed the bridge we meet with the hill of Gellért. We keep following the stairway, we ascend until we reach the top of the citadel. We can make stops at the different viewpoints and see a splendid view of Pest from above. Continuing the ascent, we find the statue of liberty and an incredible view of the city. It’s worth the slight effort.

Thermal baths

Thermal Baths, Budapest.

After all the tour and having walked and traveled up and downhills. Our body will thank us for a relaxing time in any of the thermal baths. you will not regret! Check out this article with all you need to know about the baths in Budapest!