Budapest Nightlife & Best Clubs

The Nightlife and the best Nightclubs in Budapest are here! Budapest is the right place to spend a night that will be the greatest party ever! The nightlife of this city is incredibly effervescent! You will find the most exciting and famous ruin pubs in the city. Entire buildings converted into mindblowing clubs full of dance floors with different kind of music from metal, to trans and bachata! Here are some of the places with the best Nightlife in Budapest:

  • Instant-Fogas
  • Ellatoház
  • Morrisons 2
  • Doboz
  • Ötkert
  • Vicky Barcelona


Instant & Fogas

Instant and Fogas are mythical Ruin pubs in Budapest. After the rental agreement ended with no option to renew it, Instant had to leave his previous house in Nagymezo Street and search for a new place. Fogas came to the rescue! and Instant moved to the building where Fogas is located.

Fogas is another of the most important ruin pubs in Budapest. And where all of us who love Budapest’s nightlife has had a great epic party! Nobody misses the previous building of Instant! The new location has 1200 m2 of music and party! 

The truth is that the environment did not change but instead, multiplied! When you arrive at the entrance of Fogas, you find an inner garden with tables where you can chill and have a beer to warm up your engines.

Depending on your mood or your friend’s mood, everybody will satisfy their musical tastes. 

Starting by going to the dance floor where the hits of the moment are played, then slowly slowly, you’ll head towards the Latin rhythms room. And if what you want is some metal, after that, you can go to the underground level and find its bar ROBOT where you can listen to the most representative bands of this genre. Then, when it’s time to get more intense, you can go up to the second floor and find the Trance room.

Instant-Fogas have internal clubs with different types of music which are: Frame, Robot, Pont, larm, Liebling
Surely you will have an epic night in Instant-Fogas too!, its a must in your visit to Budapest!

* Admission is free

Budapest, Akácfa u. 51, 1073


Ellatoház is a classic in the Nightlife in Budapest. I still have lots of memories remaining engraved from this place! This place is one of the favorites of locals and foreigners. It is located on Dob Street under Party Hostel The Hive and it is definitely one of my favorites!
Its music is very varied. Some days of the week they organize “open mic sessions” and you can go quietly to have a wine or a beer while you listen to the young promises of music.

The place is great to have a drink before you start ravaging the dance floor. Once the music starts and you start dancing I bet you, you won’t stop! (At least it happens to me!) Ellatoház is definitely another great option. 

Budapest, Dob u. 19, 1074

Morrisons 2

Morrisons is one of the best clubs in Budapest. Here you can also have an epic party. It is one of the favorites of international or Erasmus students since Morrisons have one night a week on Erasmus students with student prices! On Mondays from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. the beer costs 149 FT! *2019  

They have a huge dance floor, a retro hall, Karaoke, House hall, hall, and billiards. Open every day! At your disposal to spend a crazy night out every day of your life!

Budapest, Szent István krt. 11, 1055


Retox pub, photo courtesy Retox

 Party Hostel  

Retox is a party hostel with an intense pub open to the public.  Retox’s name comes whereby it is Re-intoxicating! In this bar, it goes to the extreme! Travelers looking for adventures in their staying in the city, they find here an excellent option. 

According to the stories that were told to me by people who lived the RETOX experience, they sound quite adventurous! with Olympic of jägermeister shots competitions, sounds funky great! On the other hand, if you are looking for a hostel in which you can stay in an environment of backpackers ready to a massive party without moving from a place, this will be your favorite hostel.

If you want to meet people from all over the world who want to spend a night of the super party, in an international atmosphere and celebrate as if there is no tomorrow, Retox is your place!

Budapest, Ó u. 41, 1066


Doboz, photo courtesy Doboz

Doboz is a ruin pub a little more exclusive. Its building has two levels where you can find up to 8 different music styles. They also have a restaurant with a varied menu that includes Caprese salad, Greek salads, burgers, pizza among other things as well as a special cocktail and drink menu. 

This pub also tries to give a place of expression to Hungarian artists in a gallery open to the public. This is another very good option for the party!

Budapest, Klauzál u. 10, 1072



Ötkert is one of the most popular clubs in Budapest located in the VI district. During the day, a bistro restaurant called Republik opens with a Hungarian-French cuisine on the street promenade that overlooks the basilica, you can take a walk and eat here or have a quiet drink on the terrace where you will also hear live music in summer.

At night, this nineteenth-century building becomes a club that offers parties with different themes and dance floors to enjoy the party until the body endures.

Budapest, Zrínyi u. 4 / A, 1051

Vicky Barcelona

Vicky Barcelona

This place of tapas and typical Spanish food, makes you feel like if you are in a bar in Madrid or Andalusia, decorated with typical images of bullfights and everything is  ” muy españoles y mucho español”

The restaurant offers dinners, with typical Spanish dishes such as ham croquettes, scrambled eggs with chorizo, cheese, Iberian pork cheeks among other varied dishes. But when the night comes, the DJ makes his way and then the quiet bar becomes a room dance with Latin rhythms and the atmosphere is lit.

Vicky Barcelona has become one of the favorite places for locals and tourists. And it’s a good place to speak Spanish since most of the waiters speak Spanish, so if you miss the croquettes and the Spanish atmosphere, Vicky Barcelona is a great option.

Budapest, Dob u. 16, 1072

The Nightlife in Budapest is one of the biggest experience ever! You must try it! It’s really amazing all the clubs and all the fun every day of the year! Do not hesitate and have the time of your life in Budapest!