Budapest to Vienna

Budapest -Vienna, the best way to travel.

Budapest to Vienna, how to go? The answer and the question turn out to be very simple! Traveling between the cities that were once capitals of the Austro-Hungarian double monarchy, is easier than ever! here you have the information!

  • Train Budapest Vienna
  • Bus
  • Plane
  • Private transport
  • BlaBlaCar

You have several options to choose to have a quick trip at an average of three hours long with different alternatives. From the most ordinary ones like the bus for up to € 9, yes! you read correctly, 9 Euros! Travel by plane from € 150, or for the modest amount of € 250! private door-to-door transfer service from your hotel without sharing the train seat with someone who falls asleep on your shoulder. And, that by the way… you’ve never seen before!

Train Budapest-Vienna

Train traveler

Without a doubt, train travel is a classic one. A train trip can also be memorable and It is accessible. You will arrive on time and you can enjoy the landscapes between the cities that are undoubtedly full of beauty. The train trip is absolutely recommended and you will have schedules options.

If you travel from Budapest, you have to go to  Keleti Train Station. Purchase your ticket either at the self-service ticket machines, at the box office or directly online at OBB. You will not have a problem with the staff at the box office. Although their English may not be so perfect, you can communicate with them and they will try to help you. 

The price of the single trip ticket can be around € 30 depending on the class you travel and how long in advance you buy it. So, it is an excellent option to travel to Vienna.

Private Transfer Budapest Vienna

Private Transfer

If you want to avoid the annoying queues at the train station ticket office, deal with the self-service ticket vending machines, or struggling to find the languages ​​and payment methods on the machine… This option is for you!

There is a private transport service that takes you from Budapest to Vienna or from Vienna to Budapest. Its service is door to door. You can have two tourist stops and if you feel like it, you can make a stop to have a meal.

You will travel in a car with all the comforts, clean, and air conditioning. And your luggage will be safe at all times. The driver who will take you to your destination will be able to make your trip something exceptional. In addition, he will speak English and show you some tourist points of interest during the trip. 

It depends on the company you hire, the trip can last up to 4.30 hrs. Prices range from € 53 to € 250 for one or two passengers. It will always depend on the company with which you decide to travel.

Travel by Bus

Travel by Bus

This is an excellent way to travel to Vienna. It is super cheap and you have several options, Flixbus, Eurolines or Regiojet. In all of them, you can find excellent prices if you buy your tickets in advance. If you are lucky, you can even pay up to € 5! It is easier to find tickets for € 9 but if you hurry, you can surely find your tickets at an excellent price.

To get to your bus you must go to the Kelenföld station. You will find the buses in the station car park easily. To get to Kelenföld, you can get line 4 of the subway, it is super simple and worth the trip.
The buses have Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Regiojet has drinks service included, you have coffee and tea. There is also a screen with movies to make your trip more enjoyable.

Air travel

Air trip

There is also the option of traveling to Vienna from Budapest by plane. However, this will take you more time and of course, more money. But if what you want is to walk around the Duty-Free and buy few perfumes to take to your mom, sisters or for yourself; or just because you love the life of the airport, definitely, this is your best option.

There are several airlines that will take you to Vienna. The cheapest options are LOT, for about € 150 they take you to your destination with a stopover in Warsaw. And the trip in total will take you about 6.30 hours, not bad, huh? The only airline that takes you directly to the Austrian capital is Austrian airlines. In one hour you are at the airport, for only about € 450.



BlaBlaCar is also a very common way to travel both within Hungary as well as to other countries. It is a shared car service where the owner of the car establishes the cost of the trip that is supposed to be to recover the expenses of the trip. 

It is a good way to travel and can be cheaper than the train and sometimes cheaper than the bus. And plus, the transfer time is reduced. Some drivers may leave you at the closest place to your destination. The only small detail is that if you like to chit-chat and you don’t speak Hungarian, it may not be a “BlaBla trip”; Some drivers may not speak very good English, in which case a good nap will solve the problem!

As you can see, there is always more than one option in any situation. And you will have a wide range to choose your best way of transport. The important thing is to keep on the road and discover new horizons!